Nursing Now! the 3 year global campaign

This update came out on 12th October 17

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About the Author:

Christine has had an interesting professional career in which she specialised in orthopaedic trauma before taking a career change in which she trained as a health visitor in 1990. The prompt for her change of direction was a growing interest in public health. As a health visitor, she progressed to practice teaching and followed this with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Public Health and completed a Master Degree in Education for Health and Social Care at the University of Reading in 2010. In 2011 ‘The Health Visiting Implementation Plan – A Call to Action’ was launched by the government. Christine worked with the community team, partner organisations and health authority to recruit and train over three hundred health visitor students to meet government targets by 2015. Now semi-retired and working independently she supports GNPHN as a council member and oversees the website answering any inquiries and updating the forums.

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