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A Foundation steering group had been set up with representatives from Norway, America, United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark and Kenya at the launch of the network in Dublin, Ireland in 2014.


A new Council was elected at 1st inaugural meeting, held in Bilund, Denmark, September 2016.

GNPHN Council would like to acknowledge the enormous input by Maura Connolly, Ireland,  whilst a member of the Steering Group.

GNPHN Council also wish, to thank Institute of Community Health Nursing in Ireland, for their support, in setting up the Global Network of Public Health Nurses

MEMBERS OF GNPHN Council, September  2016

Dr Cheryll Adams Director, Institute of Health Visiting, UK
Ros Bryar Emeritus Professor of Community and Primary Care Nursing, City University, London
Kari Glavin Head of Master and Postgraduate studies, Department of Nursing, Diakonova University, Norway
Linda Reveling Smith Chair, Assistant Professor, Nursing, Winona State University, USA
Teresa Obwaya Health & Management Consultant, Nairobi, Kenya
Reiko Okamoto, Division of Health Science, Osaka University, Japan
 Christina  Lindhart  The Association of Health Visitors, Denmark
Rhiannon Beaumont Wood Director of Public Health Nursing, Wales
Dr Karen Whittaker Reader Child & Family Health ,School of Nursing ,University of Central Lancashire
Chris Gordon Public Health Nurse, Health Visitor, Suffolk County Council

The notes of the Steering group /GNPHN Council meetings can be accessed in Resources, minutes of meeting section


The full membership fee for foundation members is €50, €15 for students , €25 for retired members and free for members living in developing low income countries. .

Associate membership fee will be initially €250

The Steering group will seek seed funding and sponsorship and by the end of the first year develop an initial business plan.

A website is seen as key tool for the network.  The website will provide the means for registration and the platform for discussion, sharing of information, practice and debate.

The Global network would welcome sponsors & donations.
For further information on Donations & Sponsorship please click here.