GNPHN 6th International Conference – Japan 2022 2021-09-01T14:53:24+00:00

We are delighted to announce the date for our 6th International GNPHN conference to be held jointly with Japan Academy of Public Health Nursing in Osaka, Japan.  The date also coincides with the 10th Anniversary of the Japan Academy of Public Health Nursing.


EXTENDED: Abstract submission: June 1 – August 31, 2021 – GNPHN members can submit their abstracts until September 24th here.

Early Bird Ticket sales (pre-registration): June 1 – October 29, 2021

Video on demand: January 4 – January 31, 2022

Further details regarding the conference programme, speakers and booking information will be updated on the conference’s dedicated website, available here.


“We are delighted to announce that the 10th Annual Conference of Japan Academy of Public Health Nursing (JAPHN), as a memorial conference to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of JAPHN, will be jointly held with the 6th International Conference of Global Network of Public Health Nursing (GNPHN) on January 8 to 9, 2022, under the theme of “Stay watchful in health time! Positive health to prepare for risks, so as to protect LIFE.

The term “LIFE” in this theme implies “life,” “living,” “production,” and “right to live” according to the wisdom of our ancestors involved in public health. The core mission founding the basis of all professionals engaged in public health nursing, including public health nurses, is to protect the “life” of people. In real world, there exist lots of both foreseeable and invisible risks and in fact, we may suddenly encounter a risk. That’s why we need to stay watchful in health time to predict potential risks so that we can take appropriate action to handle them once they occur. At that time, taking full advantage of the specialty of our profession, we not only focus on the negative aspect by working hard to “eliminate harmful things” but also focus our attention to the positive aspect by making things “move in positive directions.” Thanks to the specialty of our profession, we can fulfill our duties “as colleagues working in collaboration together” and “by doing so, have fun too.” We do hope that this jointly held scientific conference will give you an opportunity to deliberate our specialty and restore our energy and spirits towards the future.

History has witnessed that professionals engaged in public health nursing, including public health nurses, have acted day after day to take care of people who live under totally different social situations and are in individually different health conditions, with the aim of making their health better. These activities have steadily improved with their own creativity and originality to provide professional services for people from the cradle to the graveyard. We have taken over their spirit and are continuously improving our activities according to changes in society. We will keep moving forward and will never stop our progress. For the purpose of reinforcing the confidence and pride with which we protect the life of people, the programs provided at this jointly held scientific conference focus on the theme of “Positive health to prepare for risks, so as to protect LIFE” that is widely applicable to a variety of sciences from the field of maternal and child health to the area of health risk management. We sincerely hope that presentations and mutual communication among participants will be life-giving for you. We expect that many people will participate in this joint conference.”