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Chris Gordon

GNPHN Secretary

About Chris

Christine has had an interesting nursing career spanning 50 years in which she specialised in orthopaedic trauma, before taking a career change to Public Health Nursing as a health visitor in 1990. She was a practice teacher and progressed to complete her education master’s degree for Health and Social Care at the University of Reading in 2010.


Christine then joined the Community Nurse Team as Pathway Lead for the Health Visiting Programme at the University of Suffolk. ‘The Health Visiting Implementation Plan – A Call to Action’ was launched by the government in 2011. She worked with the community team, partner organisations and health authority to recruit and train over three hundred health visitor students to meet government targets by 2015.



Christine retired from her Senior Lecturer position in 2018 and returned to practice as a Health Visitor for the final four years of her nursing career. A position she thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated, working with the families with young children in Ipswich reminded her as to the privilege it was caring for her clients.



Christine was awarded the Fellowship of the Institute of Health Visiting in March 2015. Attendance at a Leadership Development Programme came as part of the award. She also became a champion in Perinatal Mental Health and Domestic Violence with the Institute.



Christine became a member of the Global Network of Public Health Nursing in 2014 after she presented at the 3rd Global Network of Public Health Nursing Conference in Galway City, Ireland. She has since held a position on the GNPHN Council, presenting at the 4th Conference in Billund, Denmark 2016 and the 5th in Nairobi Kenya 2019. She currently holds the position of secretary on the GNPHN Council.

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