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Dr Zahra Shajani

GNPHN Council Member

About Zahra

Zahra Shajani is a dedicated advocate for health promotion, illness and injury prevention, with a particular focus on diverse individuals and families, especially those with young children and varying socio-economic backgrounds. Her commitment to early childhood development is evident in her work, where she strives to create supportive environments and build relationships to foster overall health. Currently serving as an Associate Professor at the University of Calgary, Zahra holds the position of Associate Dean. Her extensive experience and expertise have positioned her as a community leader both locally and nationally. Actively involved in numerous community organizations dedicated to health, wellness, education, and quality of life enhancement, Zahra is deeply committed to making a positive impact. Zahra Shajani's leadership extends to her role as the President of the Ismaili Council for the Prairies, where she plays a pivotal role in shaping community initiatives. Additionally, she has served as the Chairman for the Aga Khan Health Board, further highlighting her commitment to improving healthcare for all. As the co-chair for the Global Network of Public Health Nursing (GNPHN), Zahra collaborates on an international level to address public health challenges. Her involvement as a board member for Generations Calgary, a multi-generational organization, reflects her dedication to supporting diverse age groups within the community. Zahra Shajani's multifaceted contributions underscore her passion for creating positive change in health, education, and quality of life. Through her leadership and advocacy, she continues to make meaningful strides in the well-being of individuals and families across various communities. Zahra Shajani's impact extends beyond her leadership roles and community involvement to the academic realm, where she has made contributions through her research and publications. She has co-authored textbooks and written chapters on community and family nursing, showcasing her expertise and dedication to advancing nursing knowledge.

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